Designing and Implementing an Assessment Plan for a Virtual Engineering Lab

Marilee J. Bresciani, Khaled Morsi, Mark Tucker, Mark Siprut, Kris Stewart, Allison Duncan


This article describes the process of creating, implementing, and assessing an innovative learning tool. The game based laboratory simulation, “Gaming for Applied Materials Engineering” (GAME), incorporated into the Engineering curriculum at a large public university, is intended to facilitate the same learning previously taught in a traditional hands-on laboratory. Through this technological tool, researchers hope to extend an integral learning opportunity to students currently unable to access physical labs, as well as, to augment and reinforce the material taught to those currently enrolled in physical lab courses. Throughout the article, the research team discusses the assessment methodology, describes several challenges overcome, and offers recommendations for others interested in utilizing game-based technology in educational settings.




game simulations; assessment; educational technology; laboratory simulation; video game;

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