Generations of Game Analytics, Achievements and High Scores


  • Ben Medler Georgia Institute of Technology



This paper poses the question, how has game recording evolved over the generations and how will it affect future generations of players and game developers who have access to the digital past? High scores have a history behind them and as generations of games have moved forward they begin to record much more than just scores. The present player generation can record complete replays of their entire gameplay performances and even play against other recorded player ghosts. As the future generations of gamers and developers take over they will have unprecedented access to the digital history archive as it becomes easier and easier to record and store the past. Deciding what to do with that past will be the next generation’s task as games move into the future.

Author Biography

Ben Medler, Georgia Institute of Technology

Ph.D. student.




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Medler, B. (2009) “Generations of Game Analytics, Achievements and High Scores”, Eludamos: Journal for Computer Game Culture, 3(2), pp. 177–194. doi: 10.7557/23.6004.